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  • Alkenz solar screen fabrics are the ideal shading solution. Alkenz Sunscreen fabrics
    provide see-thru visibility yet minimize all the negative effects of the sun.
    Alkenz Sunscreen is the premium top solar screen fabrics brand with worldwide
  • There are many ways to cover the window to block the sunlight and keep privacy.
    Curtains and aluminum blinds used to be the mainstream of the window covering
    . But the curtains and blinds are being replaced rapidly by Alkenz Sunscreen due to its energy
    saving and UV protection benefits in both commercial and residential market.
  • Alkenz Sunscreen is PVC coated polyester woven fabric with special functions such as
    fire retardant, UV blockage, reducing the heat gain and glare, strong color fastness.
  • Alkenz Sunscreen blocks more than 80% of solar heat, 80 ~ 88% of harmful UV and
    reduces 25 ~ 40% energy consumption in winter and provides and excellent conservation
    of the warmed indoor air in winter while normal fabric curtains blocks only 20 ~ 30% of
    the solar heat and 15 ~ 30% of UV.
  • Alkenz Sunscreen provides privacy but maintain the visual contact from outside view
    by designing the fabric people can see through the fabric to see the outside
    from the indoor.
  • Alkenz is a technical fabric manufacture based in South Korea and well-known
    in the worldwide market as their strict quality standard and control.
    Alkenz is producing variety of products from vertical, roll screen fabric, cross-stich, awning,
    blackout, harness yarn, PVC flooring material, etc.