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Alkenz and the Environment

  • Alkenz Prides itself on cutting-edge product designs. We specialize on the manufacture of woven PVC fabrics for use in products for the home and commercial interiors. We use PVC because it is durable, easy to maintain and provides the aesthetic qualities our customers’ desire.
    We will continue to innovate and provide our customers with unique and appealing products. We will also continue to work with industry and our customers to improve their environmental impact.
    We recognize, and we hope our customers do too, that solving these problem is an evolutionary process that involves the plastics industry, consumers and government in a complex interplay of economics, engineering and chemistry. Alkenz has a commitment to improve and we are confident of continued success.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Alkenz Fabrics have been awarded US GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD (children &school) certification which proves have no harmful substances to human body and are safe to use in any human environment. In doing so, Alkenz combines the highest level of aesthetics with safety and cleanliness- for fresh and clean air around the clock.
    • · Noticeably cleaner and fresher air around the clock
    • · Reduces the risk of allergies, particularly among elderly people or those with weak immune systems
    • · Break down pollutants and odor

Green PVC

  • By common definition PVC is not green, but we are close. We use post-industrial content in our products, offer low VOC adhesives for installations and our all products certified OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. This means over the life cycle of product’s installation we have a relatively small environmental impact.