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R+T 2018 STUTTGART #CEO Interview
Date 2018-04-06 오전 9:29:40 Hit 10234
E-mail  Writer Alkenz

What are newly released products this year?


We are concentrating on  PUROLUX( PVC-FREE )  &  SOLARLUX( PVC-FREE )  this year.

These products are firstly showed at R+T 2018.

PUROLUX( PVC-FREE )  &  SOLARLUX( PVC-FREE )  features are that plasticizer is not included so worry of endocrine disrupter is decreased by doing this.

PUROLUX( PVC-FREE )  can be used same as existing PVC fabrics but durability & fouling resistance are higher than PVC fabrics.

SOLARLUX( PVC-FREE )  with improved FR function has natural & soft touch so it makes space comfortably.

Hybrid product  DECOLUX( PVC s advantages are combined )  has high usability.


What is the main issue of companies similar to Alkenz?


PVC is easy to manufacture & has good durability but environmental issue is brought up continuously.

Demand for keeping away of harmful materials & looking for eco-friendly products is getting higher than before.

So Alkenz has been doing our best to improve problems.

PUROLUX( PVC-FREE )  &  SOLARLUX( PVC-FREE )  are 100% recyclable so chemical waste can be reduced.

Alkenz is also developing up-cycle products which are made by production processes.

Alkenz has been considering a number of options to protect environment.